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21.07.14 16:30

Freizeittipp ORF Salzburg

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02.07.14 16:10

Mystische Klamm 2014

Mit besonderer Beleuchtung, Nebeleffekten und entsprechender Musik taucht die Lammerklamm dabei in...

marble ball mill



Right to the corn mill Andreas Böstel from Salzbourg and Johann Bernhofer, a carpenter from "Oberscheffau", built the "marble ball mill" according to historical plans. The marble balls were used as toys.


The production of those marble balls was an extra income for the farmers. The balls were sent all over the world for several hundred years.
These days Petra Bammer-Bernhofer is responsible for the marble ball mill. She turns the mill on and produces marble balls. It is kind of an attraction for our visitors.


Tradition connects people. You can buy thoes marble balls as a gift or certainly for yourself at the "old water mill" or at "the cottage of the artist". The balls are a valuable memory of a beautiful day in Scheffau.




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