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24.10.14 00:00

Lammerklamm geschlossen

Seit 23.10.2014 ist die Lammerklamm geschlossen!

Ab Mai 2015 wird die öffentliche...

01.09.14 11:10

HeuArt Fest in Scheffau

HeuArt in Scheffau - das Fest ist vorüber und wir möchten uns bei allen bedanken, die dazu...

St. Ulrich’s Church

St. Ulrich’s Church

Surrounding the picturesque mountain landscape of the lower Lammer valley  rises the late Gothic church named after Saint Ulrich. In the year 1130, archbishop Konrad I. donated the densely forested area to the Salzburg Diocese.


Since reliable sources about the church's foundation are missing, the patronage of Saint Ulrich provides clues about its true age: the earliest proof of worshipping the holy bishop of Augsburg is found in the 13th century.


It is assumed that the church's second patron might have been the beatified Rudolf,  since the oldest church bell was dedicated to the St. Rudolf and Ulrich, most likely only as late as in the 14th century. Also, in the year 1475 the "Capelle s. Rudolphi" was granted an "indulgence".


The current church though was essentially founded in the 15th century. The arches underneath the west facing gallery are marked with the year 1473. And the choir was consecrated by archbishop Keutschach in the year 1500.


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